Kingston Trio

Kingston Trio

Josh Reynolds, son of original founding member Nick Reynolds, has joined forces with two of Nick’s closest kindred spirits, Mike Marvin, Nick’s nephew and Tim Gorelangton, Mike’s musical brother.  Alongside Josh, Mike & Tim have re-captured that original Kingston Trio magic with their energy, humor and crowd charming musical repertoire.

How big an act was the Kingston Trio? Until the advent of the Beatles in 1964, The Kingston Trio ruled the pop charts. Big enough that the their first 19 albums not only reached Billboard’s Top 100, but 14 of them entered the top 10, with five albums alone hitting the no. 1 spot! At the height of their popularity, the Kingston Trio was arguably the most popular vocal group in the world, having single-handedly ushered in the folk music boom of the late ’50s and early ’60s.

Through changing times, the Trio has played on, remaining popular for a simple reason… great songs that sound as good today as the first time you heard them. And fifty-five years after Tom Dooley shot to the top of the charts, the Trio is still on the road thirty weeks a year, bringing back all the great memories and making new ones.

The authentic connection to the history of the Kingston Trio came shining through in family stories that made for a rich and memorable evening.”
– Bankhead Theater/Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center

I had high expectations for The Kingston Trio CHETCO FIRE BENEFIT Concert in GOLD BEACH OREGON, but their performance far exceeded them.  I felt like I had been transported back in time. It was wonderful – and we raised over $12,000 for the fire victims.
– Chetco Fire Benefit Concert