Aga Boom


AGA-BOOM is a theatrical event that must be seen to be believed! Rooted In the unique European theatrical style and universal language of clowning, Aga-Boom cuts through the barriers of language and culture with the art of slapstick, the humor of physical comedy and the delightful excitement of childhood.

Aga-Boom is an interactive mayhem that carries audiences to the other side of the funhouse mirror with outrageous zaniness and unrestrained laughter. This 75-minute explosion of pure family fun, for children and adults alike, is high energy and nothing you have seen before.

Created by veteran of Cirque Du Soleil Dimitri Bogatirev, AGA-BOOM was nominated for the Ovation Award, in the category of best touring show, as well as The Luna del Auditorio.

Mayor, Oscar Goodman, proclaimed September 7, 2004 to be “AGA-BOOM Day”, an honor not achieved by many.

Performing for millions of people in Japan, Mexico, Korea, Singapore, Chile, Canada, Russia, Spain, Finland, Guatemala, Lithuania, Latvia, China, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, United States and more.

“Mastery clowning with its own originality… Pure family fun.”

“Literally riotous – as in funny that the audience did more than just laugh- than any theatrical experience within memory”
Don Shirley, LA TIMES

“Aga-Boom offers up simple delight that is – well – simply delightful”
TORONTO SUN (4 stars of 4)

“Grownups with or without children will appreciate the show’s sophisticated sense of humor”
LA WEEKLY “Pick of the week”

Interested in booking Aga-Boom? Call Belenzon Management and Book Today!

Interested in booking Aga-Boom? Contact Belenzon Management and Book Today!