Michael Hawley

Michael Hawley

  • Van Cliburn Piano Competition – First Place Outstanding Amateurs.
  • Soloed with Boston Pops & Fort Worth Symphony and Newport Music Festival.
  • Member Bell Labs center that created UNIX.
  • Seminal work in Computer Music at IRCAM under Pierre Boulez.
  • A pioneer in Digital Cinema at Lucasfilm under George Lucas.
  • Developed the first eBooks and NeXT Computer with Steve Jobs.
  • Professor at MIT Media Lab.
  • Founding investor in Color Kinetics to create LED Lighting.
  • Scientific Director – American Expedition on Mount Everest.
  • Founder or Co-founder of Things That Think, Toys of Tomorrow and Counter Intelligence.
  • Founder of the nonprofit Friendly Planet.
  • Innovator in Digital Photo Systems.
  • Guinness World Record Holder for World’s Largest Published Book.
  • One-time Duncan Yo-Yo champion.
  • Ph.D, MIT and B.S. & B.A. from Yale.
  • Director, EG Conference www.egconf.com

We Could Keep Going…You Should Book a Concert and find out for yourself. Mike is available for piano and organ concerts & recitals.

Accompanying Talks: When They Were Kids

Imagine, for a moment, spending time with a twelve year old Johann Sebastian Bach, or Chopin as a child, or Mozart, or Gershwin, or Bernstein when they were still in elementary school. Or, for that matter, Einstein, or Euler, or Newton. Some were “prodigies,” perhaps; some were not. Are there common patterns in their upbringings? How did their parents manage the challenges? Is there a roadmap? What, if anything, can the childhood of young musical lives teach us?

Growing up with Music

It’s easy to fall in love with prodigies and the myth of that apparent miracle. But what about creating and nurturing wonderful musical (and nonmusical) experiences for all of our children? This talk is a brief prelude drawing on my own memories of being a kid in public school and some of the astonishing musical experiences we had — and which, sadly, seem awfully uncommon today.

Interested in booking Michael Hawley? Call Belenzon Management and Book Today!

Interested in booking Michael Hawley!? Contact Belenzon Management and Book Today!