International Festival of Magic

International Festival of Magic

Magic. It is an art form that pre-dates civilization itself and yet in the right hands it can still be on the cutting edge of modern entertainment. David Belenzon (Producer) and Max Maven (Director) have staged magical shows in major theaters and showrooms. They’ve been in New York, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, Bangkok, Tokyo and more. They have served as magic advisers on over one hundred television shows around the world.

International Festival of Magic is an opportunity to encounter a selection of award-winning and exotic wonder-workers in a show that brings together some of the finest conjurers from around world. You’ve seen them on television, now experience them live, in an exhilarating evening of theater. They’ll astonish you and delight you. They’ll give you an experience you’ll never forget!

Artists Previously Featured In Our Shows Include:

  • Lance Burton
  • Princess Tenko
  • The Barans
  • James Dimmare
  • Roberto Giobbi
  • Whit Haydn
  • Chuck Jones & Co.
  • Chip Lowell
  • Mickey O’Connor
  • Small & Bolla
  • Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Victor & Diamond
  • Tommy Wonder
  • Jeff McBride
  • Franz Harary
  • Eugene Burger
  • Michael Finney
  • Bruce Gold
  • Jade
  • Mac King
  • Billy McComb
  • Tom Ogden
  • Frank Olivier
  • Marco Tempest
  • Mark Wenzel
  • The Pendragons
  • Avner the Eccentric
  • Carlton & Co.
  • Fukai & Kimika
  • Goldfinger & Dove
  • Kevin James
  • Tina Lenert
  • Michael McGiveney
  • The Napoleons
  • Aurelio Paviato
  • Mahka Tendo
  • Fielding West
  • Barclay Shaw
  • Rudy Cob
  • John Carney
  • Fukai & Kimika
  • Christopher Hart
  • Finn Jon
  • Levent
  • Nicholas Night
  • Ray Pierce & Co
  • Yuka
  • The Great Tomsoni & Co.
  • David Williamson

Interested in booking International Festival of Magic? Call Belenzon Management and Book Today!

Interested in booking International Festival of Magic? Contact Belenzon Management and Book Today!